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Eco-friendly packaging

As the vast majority of products are digital, I do sell three types of physical product: cross stitch kits, accessories, and the occasional ready-made hoop art. Until someone invents a way to safely ship products with zero packaging, I'm forced to consume materials to protect those products in transit. I have, however, gone to some lengths to ensure that our environmental impact is as small as possible, whilst still giving you a happy and aesthetically-pleasing 'unboxing' experience!


When launching my range of kits, I went through a trial-and-error process of working out the right compromise between minimal packaging, and an aesthetic 'unboxing' experience.  I didn't want to add unnecessary faff to orders (so decided against wrapping the contents of each box in branded tissue paper, for example), but also needed to make sure everything arrived in perfect condition.  I feel like I've reached the right balance: there are plenty of fun freebies inside, but nothing unnecessary:

  • Box: Strong cardboard, but no need to go overboard, these boxes are single-walled and perfectly capable of holding their own against the trials and tribulations of international postage. They fit through the letterbox (so no need to be in when the postie knocks!), and can be wrapped in paper to ensure they arrive in a giftable condition.

  • Business Cards: Most of the business cards I receive end up straight in the recycling bin, so I used to print my details onto a piece of paper, but this wasn't particularly pretty, or professional.  I decided, instead, to make a dual-purpose business card: my details on one side, and one of my cross stitch designs on the reverse, unblemished by text or logos.  That way it can be displayed as a piece of art, whilst also serving its main purpose of giving you my contact info!

  • Tissue/Wrapping: I decided against wrapping the contents in tissue, and I decided against buying in purpose-made branded tissue paper.  Needleminders are wrapped into cutesie packages with upcycled brown or tissue paper (see below), and you can choose to have your kit box sealed with a sticker and wrapped in upcycled brown paper (so it arrives unmarked and ready to gift).

  • Packing Slips/InvoicesUnless I'm shipping a large order via UPS (who require it), I don't put any invoices or other packing slips in your order.  Obviously this saves me money on paper and toner, but it also cuts down on the amount of waste you have to dispose of at your end.  All paperwork is electronic unless otherwise requested!


I reuse whatever I can that I receive from my own orders from other companies including things like cardboard, shredding, bubble wrap, tissue, ribbon, packing paper, and plastic wrap. Everything that comes through my door gets assessed for its 'resuability'!

needleminder secured to a playing card, on a square of brown paper
brown paper packet, secured with rainbow tape, in a white paper envelope

New Materials:

I do still have to buy in some materials, so I've tried to make sure they're recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, and cruelty-free wherever that's an option. I also buy from small and independent businesses in the UK when I can.  This not only supports the local economy's competition against large companies and chains, but helps reduce our carbon footprint too.



A little paper slip is included with each order detailing the contents and recommended disposal of each item in the package. It may be a bit of additional paper, but it makes proper disposal easier for the customer. I'm working on including this info on the cross stitch instructions to avoid extra paper.

See the breakdown below:

​Key:    - Biodegradable         - Plastic˟-Free      ᴿ - Recyclable      ᵁ - Upcycled       - Vegan

˟Oil-based plastic.  Clipper teabags are sealed with a fully biodegradable, non-GM bio-material made from plant cellulose, known as PLA or bio-plastic.

  • Brown Packing Paper: Reused from (new) paper bags from my old business. 100% paper.  ᴿ

  • Upcycled Packing Paper: Reused from orders I've received. 100% paper. ᴿ

  • Brown Packing Paper (new): 100% recycled paper.   ᴿ

  • Self-Adhesive Brown Packing Tape (rarely used): 100% recycled paper, silicone-free.   ᴿ

  • Gummed Paper Tape (to secure box/outer paper): Paper & starch. ᴿ

  • Bubble Wrap / Foam Wrap: I avoid these materials whenever I can, but for glass needleminders and orders shipped overseas, I'll often add a little extra protection.  All bubble wrap and plastic protection is upcycled from my own mail.  I also separate out the bubble wrap lining from mailing bags and reuse this. ᵁ

  • Stickers on External Packaging:

    • 'I'm packed with reused packaging': Made from 100% recycled paper, printed at home.   ᴿ

    • 'Plastic-free packaging. Please recycle me': Wood-free, silicone-free, compostable, made from sugarcane fibres, hemp, and linen.   ᴿ

    • 'Needleminders by Fandom Cross Stitchery': FSC™ certified paper. Awaiting further info from manufacturer .

    • Small Logo Sticker:  Vinyl-coated, non-recyclable. When I run out of these, I will be finding a more eco-friendly option to replace them.

    • Address Label: Printed at home. As I use a thermal printer with self-adhesive labels, unfortunately I cannot currently source any recyclable materials for these labels. My printer doesn't use ink or toner, however, and I order label rolls in bulk, both of which minimise the carbon footprint and the amount of plastic consumed. I trialled recycled labels but these weren't waterproof so were unsuitable for address labels. I'm still searching for a better solution to this issue and am happy to take suggestions!

  • Business Card: FSC™ certified paper. Awaiting further info from manufacturer.

  • Freebie Clipper Teabag: 

    • Packing envelope: 100% paper ᴿ

    • Teabag: Unbleached, sealed with plant-based bio material  

    • Tea: Organic.  Although no mention of 'Vegan' on their website, Clipper are plant-based, and vegan food websites sell their products.

    • Shipping: No plastic used during shipping from supplier to me, either! For more info see here.

  • Information Slips (Packaging / Safety Info): Paper. ᴿ

  • Freebie Stickers: Various sources. Unknown composition & disposal.

  • Cross Stitch Kit Box: Card.  Made from recycled material. ᴿ

  • Cross Stitch Kit Thread Sorter: Recycled cardboard. ᴿ

  • Cross Stitch Kit Pattern (colour): FSC™ certified paper. ᴿ

  • Cross Stitch Kit Instructions (black & white): Paper, printed at home. ᴿ

  • Cross Stitch Kit Box Sticker (if used): Wood-free FSC™ certified paper, water-based solvent-free adhesive. ᴿ

  • Cross Stitch Kit Backing Felt: (included with hoop art & round kits): Vegan-friendly felt

  • Needleminder Padded Paper Envelope: (for shipping small items) 100% paper, plastic-free adhesive. ᴿ

  • Needleminder Backing Card: Playing cards bought from charity shops that align with my personal ethics (e.g. no pro-life charities).  I considered having branded cards printed, but, seeing as they just end up in the bin, I'd rather reuse unwanted cards and support charities instead.

  • Needleminder Tissue Paper: Upcycled from my own mail & packing materials from my last house move. ᴿ



I use the Royal Mail's 'collect from your home' service, meaning my lovely postie collects your orders whilst dropping off mine!  My health means that I would otherwise have to drive to my local post office (which I used to do, combining the trips with my other errands once or twice a week), but now I can have your orders in the mail next day with no extra burden on the carbon footprint!


The little treats included are vegan / plant-based.  Very occasionally I'll send on non-vegan treats I've received from other companies, so if you don't want freebies that include animal products, please do say! 

open cross stitch kit: white box containing  hoop, rainbow threads on white sorter, clipper teabag.
Bisexual heart kit box surrounded by contents (hoop, instructions, thread, fabric)& finished piece


All products come from a smoke-free home.  We are a cat- and dog-friendly establishment, but they're obviously not allowed near the merchandise! We are not nut- or gluten-free here, although, again, neither of these items are near the stock at any point.

sleeping cat under work in progress of mini rainbow fuck pattern.  green & blue background (blanket)

If you have questions about allergens, or any aspect of the packing process, just drop me a line and I'll be happy to clarify. 

purple cursive 'helen' signature, with a floral flourish below in green, purple, and pink
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