I only sell three types of physical product: cross stitch kits, accessories, and ready-made hoop art. Until someone invents a way to safely ship products with zero packaging, I'm forced to consume materials to protect those products in transit. I have, however, gone to some lengths to ensure that our environmental impact is as small as possible, whilst still giving you a happy 'unboxing' experience!

All materials are, where possible, sourced from small businesses in the UK.  This not only supports the local economy's competition against large companies and chains, but helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Wherever possible, I'll reuse packaging I receive from other companies including things like cardboard, shredding, bubble wrap, ribbon, packing paper, and plastic wrap.  I do have to buy in materials, though, so I've made sure they're recyclable, recycled, biodegradable, and cruelty-free wherever possible.  So far we have:

  • Clear Outer Film: plant cellulose; biodegradable & compostable.  Made in the UK. Derived from renewable wood pulp. No adverse effects on plant growth once composted.

  • Brown Packing Paper: reused from paper bags from my old business. 100% paper.

  • Brown Packaging Tape: paper, biodegradable.  100% recycled paper, silicone-free.

  • Cross Stitch Kit Box: cardboard, recyclable.  Made of recycled material.

  • Tissue paper: paper, fully recyclable.  Once I run out, I'll replace it with tissue paper made from recycled materials.

  • Cross Stitch Kit Thread Sorter Card: card, recyclable.  75-100% recycled content.

  • Cross Stitch Kit Instructions: paper, recyclable.

  • Felt Backing Circle (included with hoop art & round kits): vegan-friendly felt

  • Paper Mailing Bags 100% paper, recyclable

The stickers used to both secure and decorate the packaging are printed by small UK companies or stamped at home, and the little treats included are vegan.  I'll sometimes send on non-vegan freebies received from other companies; if you do not want freebies that include animal products, please do say!  I don't send a packing slip or hard copy invoice with your order, as these are emailed to you automatically.  Keepin' it green!

All products come from a smoke-free home.  We are a cat- and dog-friendly establishment, but they know they're trouble if they so much as sniff the goods!

If you have questions about any aspect of the process, just drop me a line and I'll be happy to clarify. 

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