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Every kit you buy from us contains a passcode allowing you to download a PDF version of the pattern!
Select your kit below and enter the passcode when prompted.

Blackwork Rainbow 'Fuck the Tories'

Doors of Durin

Festive as Fuck

Homestead Sunset

Jewel Hydrate

Mediocre White Man

Mini Bisexual Heart

Mini Non-Binary Heart

Mini Pastel Fuck

Mini Rainbow Heart

Not All Those Who Wander

Rainbow 'For Fuck's Sake'

Rainbow Heart (6")

Vintage Floral Fuck

Depression Lies

Drink the Coffee

Field of Fucks

Jewel Fuck

Just Fucking Do Things

Mini Asexual Heart

Mini Lesbian Heart

Mini Pansexual Heart

Mini Rainbow Fuck

Mini Transgender Heart

Not Today Satan

Rainbow 'Fuck the Tories'

Ring Text (Ring)

Watercolour Rainbow Fuck

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