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thread sorter printables

Cross stitching is all fun and games, but if you're not careful you can get caught in a tangle of threads while working on your project!  You can buy purpose-made thread sorters to keep your threads organised (and all our kits come with a card sorter), but what if you've downloaded a pattern and don't have anything to keep your working threads organised?

fanned bright-coloured embroidery floss & a cardboard thread sorter with lengths of the same threads

Instead of buying yet another piece of plastic, why not reuse an old playing card?  I've created a template allowing you to print out your own thread sorter to stick onto a standard sized playing card, et voila!  Your very own, eco-friendly thread sorter.

These are designed to be printed on standard-sized labels, which can then be stuck onto a playing card.  All you'll need then is a hole punch (the holes are marked) and you're good to go!  Don't have stickers?  Just print onto paper and glue them into your card (or, better yet, print directly onto card!).

They come in two different sizes: 80 x 50mm, and 3" x 2", and each size has 2 formats: blank (for you to write in your own colours / symbols) and filled (with our most commonly-used symbols).  To download, click the relevant icon below:

printed thread sorters with blue playing card & hole punch.


2.Stick     3.Punch    4.Thread

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